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Having established ourselves as one of the industry leading electric actuator manufacturers  with over a decade of experience in the design, creation and distribution of linear motion and control products, Progressive Automations is prepared to help your company find the best solution to any design challenge. From cutting edge medical and solar energy technology, to residential devices designed to make everyday life more convenient, we can offer you the best designed products that meet the highest standards of quality in the automation industry.

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Progressive Automations provides innovative electrical linear actuators designed to withstand the challenges of
a wide range of industrial applications around the world



The agricultural industry has long since been a staple in human survival and growth. Which is why it is so important that machinery used in the industry is powered by reliable and energy efficient technology. Electric linear actuators have played a large part in improving overall productivity and effectiveness in the industries equipment while improving the way of life for hardworking farmers across the globe.
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In the automotive industry, actuators are used in vehicle manufacturing and aftermarket vehicle modification, as well as in vehicle modifications and OEM manufacturing. The actuators are used to open and close doors, extend and retract segments of RVs, as well as for automation of RV hatches. They are also used to automate various features inside RVs like furniture, lift TVs, cabinets and stow Murphy beds. Some of the direct values our actuators provide for the automotive industry lies in the interior space savings and the added convenience of automated tasks.
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Home & Office

Home & Office

Ergonomics has slowly started to emerge as a key focus for the home & office industry. People are starting to realize that comfort and health play a big part in improving overall productivity. Standing desks are becoming more prevalent in offices & homes around the world, letting people take a break from sitting all day so they can stand at their desk and continue to work. Start feeling the benefits of linear automation technology in the home & office industry with our electric actuators.
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Industrial & Machinery

Industrial & Machinery

In the industrial sector, when compared to hydraulic and pneumatic automation systems, electric linear actuators have been proven to optimize production, increase workplace safety and reduce overall energy consumption. Industrial automation using industrial linear actuators is also a much more cost effective solution that requires minimal maintenance, all while providing the most intelligent automation features in the industrial sector.
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In the marine industry, actuators are used in everything from doors, windows and ladders to heavy duty engine hatches. Our actuators can make the mast collapsible automatically, which can help with creating more clearance under bridges. They can also provide more movement to bow and stern thrusters, increasing maneuverability. More applications include valve regulation, radar arches, water jet propulsion or bathing platforms. Other than mechanical uses, electric actuators can also provide more luxurious touches to sea vessels such as automated TVs or furniture.
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The solar industry has been evolving from a niche sector to a volume market world-wide. The result is increasing competition in terms of technology and price with more and more companies looking to lower their carbon foot print. This is due in large part to the rise of solar trackers; solar tracking technology that use actuators for solar panels to track the sun at all hours of the day. This has been proven to increase the energy yield by up to 45% while reducing overall energy usage, a key factor in why so many solar energy suppliers are turning to linear actuators.
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As one of the leading linear actuator manufacturers, our main business goals are to satisfy customer requirements in all touchpoints and work with continuous improvements according to the best practice standards. We’re aiming for world-class production – process automation built on the newest technology focusing on high-quality and innovative products and processes to separate us from other actuator suppliers. We achieve this through our highly qualified and motivated employees.

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We help you find the right product to meet the needs of your application. Overlooking essential requirements may result in a reduced product lifespan and money down the drain.


Dependent on the size of the actuator and what it is being used for.
Stroke Size
We adjust the stroke size to your needs depending on the shaft size of the actuator.
Higher or lower energy depending on equipment specifications.
Sizes ranging from small to large scale units to fit various applications.
Can move faster or slower, depending on what the application requires.
IP Rating
Protects the actuators against various environments and elements.
Mounting Ends
Affects the places an actuator can reach and the overall look of the application.
Feedback Sensors
For precise synchronization or positional feedback control of certain actuator models.
Various connector options for a variety of control systems and applications.

To Our Customers We Offer

Engineering Support
From the early design stages to the final integration of our actuator into your project or product, our dedicated and highly skilled engineers will work closely with you and your team to make sure our product meets your exact specifications.
Our engineering teams are always looking for ways to improve the products we already offer, while continually focusing on the development of new devices for the future. If you require a specially designed product for a unique project or function – we are ready to provide this.
Quick Production
We know that deadlines are important. That is why we are proud to offer industry leading manufacturing times. Although we feature a quick turnaround, every device we manufacture is subjected to a quality control procedure that ensures the highest level of quality.

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