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Our company, Progressive Automations, has been working and selling equipment for various personal and professional markets for over a decade. The equipment we make and sell includes motion control systems, mounting brackets, lift tables, linear actuators, and various accessories for all of the above, and we are constantly innovating in a bid to keep finding new and improved equipment to offer to our customers.

Our Products

Our company is known throughout the industry as one which has a very wide range of equipment and linear actuators, as well as the variable price range which our range of equipment allows us to provide for our clients. The wide range of actuators is due to the company’s investment in such differing industries, leading to us providing micro actuators alongside industrial ones, along with nearly every conceivable actuator in between. Though the actuators are the main line, our company also offers various pieces of equipment which already have actuators integrated into them, along with the devices that control them.

Alongside the above two equipment groups, customers will be able to buy and customize accessories which can be used to control and further customize the linear actuators on offer, such as control boxes, mounting brackets, motion control systems, and more.

Why Is The Best Place to Order Your Custom Linear Actuators

Since its inception, our position as a linear actuators manufacturer and wholesaler of linear actuators has been backed up by the consistent quality we have shown in both technology and customer services. Though Progressive Automations is always on the lookout for more companies to collaborate with, the main ones we have an ongoing partnership with include home automation, agriculture, automotive, manufacturing and robotics, and many more.

The company is proud of the fact that every new business venture is treated with the same level of respect and courtesy via our customer services, as are all prospective, new, and returning clients. The ultimate aim of every transaction is to have customers satisfied and eager to return when they require our services again, with the least amount of delay possible. Our engineering staff works closely with our suppliers to continually refine our existing equipment, as well as to design equipment which might become necessary or desired at some point in the future.

  • Low prices – we can guarantee the lowest prices of any market on the internet;

  • Supply equals demand – carries the largest range of actuators online;

  • Customization – we offer endless customization options for clients who are buying linear actuators, in everything from shape to force. See below for more details;

  • Stock exists – if an item is displayed on the website, it is available to buy, as is, with no fuss;

  • Same-day delivery –if a client requests same day delivery, we can accommodate them;

  • Incentives for partnerships – clients who partner with us for a significant amount of time have access to incentives and rewards for their loyalty;

  • Customer service – we offer 24 hour customer service, and promise that it will be excellent;

  • Warranty – we offer an 18 month warranty which will cover all the basics of what could happen to the equipment, and protects clients from that;

  • Fees – all fees are calculated and displayed upfront. There is nothing hidden in the business process.

We're serious about improving your operations

    As the #1 North American linear actuator manufacturer, we pride ourselves on bringing only the best design and functionality to the table. Every product we sell is put through a rigorous testing process to ensure it meets quality and performance standards, so you can be certain it's going to work for you.
    As actuator manufacturers and suppliers, we know you can't afford to lose time or customers due to operational concerns. That's why our comprehensive support service is available. We make sure that your products are installed fast and ready to run at peak performance.
    We have qualified, professional engineers on staff that are ready to answer all your questions and concerns. They'll take you from the start of your project to the end to make sure you're 100% satisfied. Contact one of our sales reps today and discuss your needs.

Custom Opportunities for Clients

At Progressive Automations, our goal is two-fold – provide all clients and prospects with an excellent level of customer service, and keep the company in its current status as the top suppliers of our equipment. As we have said, our engineers and suppliers are working together to maintain both the current efficiency of the equipment we offer, and to brainstorm and create new forms of the same equipment which we think may become useful in the future. In addition to this, Progressive Automations is always interested in new partnership proposals which will allow us to expand into new and unexplored industry areas.

Customers and clients can vary from client to client – it really depends on what field they are in, and what the actuator will be used for. Custom options include the following:

  • Force – the force is dependent on the size of the overall actuator, and so that will depend on what it is needed for;

  • Speed – the overall speed is handled by the motor; different sizes of motor can make an actuator stronger or weaker, depending on what it is needed for;

  • Voltage – the voltage controls the amount of energy which is available to the equipment. Therefore a higher voltage will give more energy, a lower one will give less;

  • Stroke size – the size of the shaft in the linear actuator limits the stroke size available to it. Something which needs a higher stroke size will require a larger shaft, and vice versa;

  • Wiring lengths – the length of the wires allow the actuator to be certain distances away from the equipment it is attached to. This can affect many things, from the places an actuator can reach, to the overall look of the equipment;

  • IP rating – the actuators can all be customized to be completely sealed against various environments;

  • Dimensions – linear actuators can come in different sizes, from small to large, depending on what equipment they need to fit into, and what tasks they are needed for;

  • Hall effect sensors – the actuators can be customized to have sensors on them which react to sound or movement. These sensors can themselves be modified to react at different heights, to different sounds, etc.;

  • Mounting holes – these are for the mounting brackets which also sells, and can be enlarged or reduced depending on various factors in the actuator itself, such as the weight it is going to carry, the tasks it will carrying out, and so on.

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