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Welcome to our Progressive Actuators blog: Want to know all about electric linear actuators from one of the top actuator suppliers? You are in the right place! Go ahead and find useful tips, how-to’s articles about linear actuators and other products.


Linear actuators come in various sizes. The most commonly used is the industrial actuators with a high stroke, force, and speed. Although there are, lighter ones for home use. Industrial actuators assist in keeping workers safe and aid in heavy-duty tasks in factories, manufacturing plants, and construction. Although there are currently manufacturers with different models, […]


A life of a modern inhabitant of the Earth is surrounded versatile electronic devices and mechanisms to facilitate routine processes. As a rule, we do not pay much attention to such trifles like sliding doors, lift tables or chairs, and other solutions of motion control. Yet, they are knit together by a common element known […]


It is a regular practice that products manufactured by a reputable brand are characterized by a high level of quality and durability. For example, if customers see “Toyota”, they realize that the vehicle from that brand is a top-quality offer. Can we apply that concept to such category of devices as linear actuators? To answer […]

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