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The LC-84 is a microcontroller that allows RC and feedback control options of two actuators individually. With the addition of relays it can control up to four actuators.

  • 20A continuous current (45A max) each on left and right channels
  • 6.0V to 28V battery voltage
  • Full current limiting and over temp limiting
  • Two RC input leads and one pin header for steering/throttle or left/right control and flip control
  • Two indicator LEDs for left/right speed, direction. Status LED shows R/C signal status.
  • Left/Right channel mixing or separate channel control option
  • Brake/Coast at zero speed option
  • Lipo battery cutoff option
  • Switching style 5V regulator
  • Receiver battery eliminator circuit (BEC) standard can be disabled
  • Failsafe shuts off motors if RC signal is lost
  • Calibration function to match Scorpion to radio or other signal source
  • FLASH-based microcontroller with upgradeable software
  • Remote power switch connections
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