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The LC-85 is the smallest microcontroller we carry. It allows complete speed control of a single actuator and with the addition of relays it can control two.

  • Standard RC pulse format
  • Calibrate function to match unit to radio signal range
  • 6.5V to 28V battery voltage (>20V requires an external 5V supply)
  • Fully reversible H-bridge design, equal power handling in both directions
  • 10A continuous, 30A max current
  • Full current limiting and over temp limiting
  • Limit switch inputs to stop motion in one direction when closed, motion allowed in other direction
  • Indicator LED for speed and direction
  • Status LED for status information and mode indications
  • Receiver battery eliminator circuit (BEC) can be disabled
  • Failsafe shuts off motor if RC signal is lost
  • FLASH-based microcontroller with upgradeable software
  • Ceramic oscillator
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