2050 is the witching year; don’t worry no witches are going to come flying on their broomsticks, trying to make you their dinner. On the contrary, the world’s population is forecasted to touch a bombastic figure of 9 billion. Keeping this thought in mind, obviously, the world’s agricultural production would also need to be doubled, to ensure no mouths go unfed.

Since it would be impossible to meet the growing demand manually, farmers are rapidly turning to robots to do their bidding. The increasing use of robotics in different domains is inherently giving way to innovation, efficiency and the agricultural industry is no exception to this rule. Robotic farming is on the rise; agriculture is beginning to experience joys of this evolving field of science and technology.

Here are the few top agriculture robots or agrobots which have already revolutionized the world of agriculture. The buck does not stop here; as one might say, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and the rest is yet to come.


Weeds, weeds everywhere, not a machine to remove them. This is not the situation anymore, for the solar-powered, GPS enabled Ecorobotix is here to the rescue. By using its inbuilt, complex camera system, Ecorobotix has successfully launched the use of robotics in agriculture. It has been designed to target and spray weeds accurately, thereby removing them completely, without any human intervention whatsoever.

The robot has been built with precise arms; Ecorobotix uses 90% less herbicide and is even cheaper than some of the other traditional machines in the market.

Energid Citrus Picking System

Plucking citrus fruits from the trees can be a daunting task, especially if being performed manually. Energid Citrus Picking System is one of the best and most efficient harvesting systems in the market currently.  Not only is it cheap to build, but it also has been enabled to pluck a fruit every 2 – 3 seconds. An ideal situation if you want to get rid of manual labor costs.

Agrobot E-Series

Agrobot, an agricultural startup, is working along with US-based farmers to gently harvest strawberries. Since strawberries are delicate fruits, they can only be picked at full maturity. This feature makes them a little delicate and difficult to harvest eventually. Due to this ongoing issue, strawberry harvesting remained a manual process until a few years ago, as it needed the most sensitive harvesting hands to ensure a healthy fruit harvest.

The Agrobot E-series has been designed to select, pick and pack the best strawberries automatically. Robotic arms control the blades and fruit baskets. There is an inbuilt camera system that checks the form and the condition of the berries, along with the differentiation and cutting process for each ripe/raw berry.


Agribotix is a drone and software developer, which helps farmers achieve better crop yields. It is based on the cloud-based FarmLens app, which scans and provides farmers with aerial images. These images, in turn, highlight and predict plant decay. Ideally, based on the current situation of the crops, farmers can take appropriate action and act as needed. FarmLens has successfully processed drones inherited data from 34 countries and 40 types of crops all over the world. The company continues to grow by leaps and bounds, as it helps farmers save their crops all over the world.

The world of robotics and the future of the agriculture industry is rather interesting, and the services being provided by the different robotic manufacturers are taking over the agriculture industry. There is so much scope for improvement and the latest agricultural technology is heavily influenced by the use of robots.