The modern retail market overflows with offers from different suppliers. Products vary in price, quality of the composition, materials used, and several other factors. This goes for absolutely any type of product and linear actuators aren’t an exception here.

There has been a rapid increase in the number of Linear actuator manufacturers globally. These manufacturers are constantly increasing their production, thereby releasing more products to cater to different linear motion requirements.

Linear actuator Market
Registered & forecasted paces of the linear actuator production growth for 2013-2024











Electric linear actuators also increasingly cover new manufacturing niches, gradually stamping out technologically inferior alternatives. According to the statistics of the linear drive usage growth dynamics, the USA is looking at a total sales boost by at least ⅓ in 2025.


Linear actuator market Trends
Dynamics of the registered & forecasted growth of valves’ & actuators’ sales in various production sectors in the USA for 2015-2025








Major Criteria for Picking a Manufacturer

When Choosing a linear actuator manufacturer, you should focus on the working capacity, life expectancy, and output factor of the device. To make it easier, we have listed a few  important factors to consider when selecting a linear motion manufacturer for your business or application:

  • The ultimate purpose of the actuator in your construction
  • The maximum safe load limit of the drive
  • Type of energy converted into mechanical force during work (electric, pneumatic, thermal, etc.)
  • The required sturdiness of the basic material an actuator is made of
  • The needed preciseness, speed, & non-stop work cycles

Make sure to base your final decision on the combination of all these factors. There are also other important factors to keep in mind to find a perfect fit for your construction. For instance, if you need a driver for the door automation mechanism, you’ll also need to consider the dimensions and weight of the door you’re working on.

A reference example of the ratio between the actuator’s piston’s traveled distance & time of getting into the actual position











In the picture above, you can see the illustration of quite an important factor in any model of the discussed device. Electric linear actuator manufacturers that focus on the high quality of their products strive for exactly that ratio of actual position lines in limit positions of the device’s fixation.
The smoothness of action and an identical amount of time needed for a piston to move towards limit positions provides high performance, resistance, and longevity of the construction work.

How to Choose Linear Actuator Manufacturer for Product Quality

Everybody knows that the Internet is filled with bought reviews and fake promises. In order to keep in check with the most objective and relevant info about existing linear drive products and market innovations, we recommend reading the below blog posts to help you understand more about linear actuators, applications it can be used in and much more:

  • 12V actuators Blog – An excellent blog for “linear motion newcomers” that has all the basic information about major types of actuators & how they can be used.
  • Actuator Zone Blog – non-traditional approaches & original topics are vastly covered in this blog. You can find info about employing actuators in shipbuilding, car manufacturing, & even in modern processors.
  • Progressive Automations Blog– The fullest & most developed blog dedicated to using linear actuators in all aspects of human life up to date. You can find info on absolutely any related topic here. You can rest assured that any product recommended in one of these blogs can be safely trusted in terms of quality and usefulness. You can also shop for the product you are looking for.

We’d also recommend you read about the quality standards and manufacturing principles of linear actuators. And remember – an affordable product doesn’t always mean a bad product. You may not need a “premium-grade”, expensive drive in your particular situation at all. Stay knowledgable and focus on what’s really important.