The profitability of a business depends on many factors. One of the ways to increase the company’s profits is to reduce production costs. Automation is just the thing to efficiently help you with that. In this article, we look at automated packaging machines and the ways to reduce downtime during packaging as a whole.

Packaging Machines

Filling and packaging machines are pieces of equipment designed for primary or group packaging of various types of products. Product packaging is one of the last stages of production employed by most types of production focused on a wide range of consumers and require packaging line automation.

The main purpose of packaging equipment is to automate a capacious labor process, which is associated with dosing products, the packaging itself, the formation of containers for packaging, sealing, label attachment, and more.

Types Of Packaging Machines


Pallets Packaging

Almost every production is commonly equipped with box packaging machines. They come in different formats, depending on technical characteristics and purposes. Below, we will look at the most renowned solutions for automation in the packaging industry. We also highlight workspace optimization methods and recommendations for automating your own home.

Pallet Packaging Machines

Designed for packaging specialized pallets. They are necessary if the products undergo long-term transportation and require storage for a long time. Such machines come in both manual and automatic variations.

Shrink wrapper machines

Designed for packaging products into a heat-resistant film and sealing. There are both automated options and machines that are built into an automatic line.

Thermoforming machines

This type of equipment provides automation of product packaging when it comes to thermoforming vessels from polymer films for further welding and sealing of a filled bottle or something.

Labeling machines

Labeling is a commonly automated process throughout most manufacturers. There are machines with print and apply labelers as well as more advanced options that can print various labels in real-time.

Casing fastening devices

This type of equipment is used for hermetically-sealed packaging. Most of these product packaging machines are semi-automatic, have compact configurations, and simple instructions for use.

Food Packaging Machines


Food Automation

Types of food packaging machines can be subdivided depending on it use:

Stretch-film packaging

This type of packaging equipment is also called “hot tables”. These small packaging machines are intended, as a rule, for manual packaging of products in the production or in trade. The main task that the machine performs is to help with the packaging of goods with stretch film.

Sealing of packages

There are sealing machines for food packaging with polymer materials, foil, and laminated paper. Commonly used in the production of bags and sacks from various heat seal materials.

Vacuum Packaging Machines

Industrial vacuum packaging machines are among the most popular and promising ways of packaging food products. The main feature of this type of product packaging is an increase in shelf life and storage, preservation of taste, and aesthetics of appearance.

Pill Packaging Machines

Blister pharma packaging machines are used for the packaging of medical pills. The blister pack consists of two parts. The first part is a strong base, the second is the upper ball of the blister. Pharmaceutical packaging machines provide a convenient and precise way of dosing pharmaceutical products, protecting drugs from external influences, and granting sterility.

Packaging Machine Automation

Utter automation of production processes in the ultimate way to reduce the downtime caused by production equipment. It is also worth paying attention to the assembly of auto packaging machines.

In the core of many common auto packaging machines, lie linear actuators – essential active details that set moving parts in motion. Learn more about how actuators are produced, how they work, and where they are commonly used.