The 20th century went crazy about robots because people believed they will evolve and eventually enslave humanity as seen in movies like The Matrix or Ex Machina. The 21st century, however, proved these beliefs wrong. Robots today are indispensable personal helpers that allow us to shift the hardest and dirtiest tasks to machines. We know they will not complain and also complete their work faster and better than a human would. And the best news is that you don’t have to pay a small fortune for them anymore. Home robots are available for every household.

Household Robots: From Toys to Assistants

Toy robots

Since the Roomba appeared over 15 years ago, a smart robot has become a household name. Nowadays, people have several things to do in a day – balancing our day to day work and family along with making time for hobbies, friends, and traveling.

Naturally, there is little time to engage in activities or household chores such as mowing your lawn or cleaning your pool. Besides, certain tasks can be dangerous – think about cleaning all those windows standing on a flimsy ladder. But with the help of robots, you can easily take away the burden of boring and nasty everyday chores. Smart cool robots will clean your house and then go to their charging stations without your help. Moreover, consumer robots built for cleaning usually can create virtual territory maps and remember them. This helps them to clean your house better and keep it that way.

Home robots not only help with cleaning and tidying, but are also being built to serve as toys for kids, and as security robots to help protect your home. Security is an important consideration, and there is a number of smart home robots being built. These useful robots have motion detectors, night vision cameras, and can usually record short videos and send them to your smartphone. Even being away, you can check if there’s anything suspicious going on back at home.

Voice Recognition and Control

It’s a dream to have a robot that helps you do something with just a push of a button. Now imagine a robot that will react to your voice commands.

Voice recognition technology is a great benefit for home robotics as it doesn’t require you to be near the robot to get what you need. Are you in the mood for some relaxing music? Tell Alexa or Amazon Echo to play it for you. Want a soda but don’t want to get off the couch? Ask a robot to bring you one from the fridge. Almost any modern home robot, from cleaners to toys, can recognize simple voice commands.

Robots that Talk to you

Not only do robots listen to your commands, but they can also respond to you, which is useful for a number of reasons. You can request the weather forecast, ask them to tell a joke, and even enjoy the display of personality and wit from a personal assistant robot with adaptable AI. And interactive robots don’t stop there. There are home robot assistants that make your Alexa come to life, teach you yoga, and play with kids while doubling as safety measures and learning tools.

Domestic Robots

Domestic robots are yet to be seen in every household, but their popularity grows fast. With their versatility, reliability, and the level of comfort they bring, people start to depend more on personal robot assistants. They help us make our houses cleaner, they entertain and assist us in many little ways. They secure our houses and allow to get some much-needed rest. We know you’ve got better things to do – even if you’re just feeling lazy and don’t want to get up from that comfy couch in front of a TV. Hand over the most tedious tasks to your home robots. Is it not the future we’ve all been waiting for?