Automation is revolutionizing the marine, automotive and agricultural industries. Intelligent machines are being designed for employment in ways we never thought were possible a few years back. These machines are quickly becoming as qualified as human beings. Some, if not, most of them are being designed to become smarter and more capable than manual labor. Although this type of technology is created to help farmers or mechanics, for example, they need the creative minds of individuals to achieve what they are intended to do.

The PA-10 waterproof linear actuator is one of our latest linear actuator designs. It is similar to the PA-09 model, but with advanced environmental protection. It can withstand up to 450 lbs of force and move at a speed of up to 0.28” per second. This model has the highest ingress protection (IP) rating out of any of our units. Its IP68M rating allows the actuator to be fully submerged underwater while it is in motion, while its IP69K rating gives it the ability to withstand high-powered water jets, while not in motion.

The PA-10 is also available in a Salt-Spray rated version. This has passed vigorous testing of up to 400 hours of salt spray exposure, while the standard version is estimated to have a 120-hour salt-spray rating. The salt-spray model increases significantly based on length because of the material used in the shaft enclosure. Progressive Automations uses aluminum with porcelain plating material to ensure that the PA-10 will perform in the harshest environments. This would be perfect for the marine industries that require applications to be used at sea.

Marine Industries

The PA-10 can be used to adjust helm or engine throttle, shift antennas, and lifting hatch covers, including engine covers, up and down. Any application for the marine industry will be reliable with PA-10 waterproof options.

Photo of NauticaExpo sailboat steering wheel

Figure 1 – NauticaExpo Sailboat steering wheel

Inside cabins, or in the cockpit area, linear actuators can be used to lower and raise a table, adjusting the position of a chair, or hidden cabinets and shelving units when they are not in use.

Photo of the Life Proof Cabin 33 Limited inside is a settee with a dining table

Figure 2 – Sea Magazine: Life Proof Cabin 33 Limited

Automotive Industries

The automotive industry is one of the most technologically complex industries. Companies would require reliable, compact actuator technology that can be used extensively in automobiles. Built to withstand potential harmful elements while powering vehicles, the PA-10 is an option for your company to choose.

Photo of a garage inside are two cars

Figure 3 – Dream Garage Makeovers

Agricultural Industries

According to Innovation and Tech Today, “Farming has always been a key area for the focus of scientific advancement…” and this is quite true. Farming systems are on the rise, and smart farming is starting to adapt its way into modern technology. The PA-10 can contribute to these advanced technologies to improve the quality of life for farmworkers.

Photo of a farming robot at field

Figure 4 –Deepfield Robotics

An example would be weed and pest control for plant maintenance. Robots that are designed for these tasks may require linear actuators to complete their job.

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