The automation of industry is an inevitable part of technological progress. It goes without saying that industrial robots that are used in manufacturing can optimize efficiency and increase the annual revenue. All in all, there are several benefits of using industrial robots, but in this blog, we’ll talk about their weak points or disadvantages.

The industrial robotics market can be worth more than $11 million in four years. However, society should weigh all the pros and cons before implementing modern technologies. Robots aren’t humans; they can do their work round-the-clock. Though technology is playing an important role in helping humans be more efficient, you should know that automation has also some disadvantages.

A few years ago, robots were a part of the manufacturing process, but today, they are a must-have tool in almost any workplace.

The Unemployment Rate

This is probably the most important factor, which should be considered because robots can increase the unemployment rate. Hundreds of employees from all over the globe worry that their job will soon be replaced by robots.

Macro effects

This is another aspect, which should be considered. We don’t know how the global economy reacts when the majority of manufacturing workers will be displaced. Who will compensate for unemployment?

Too high investment costs

This is probably the biggest obstacle for any company. Not all of them can afford to invest in industrial robots. Some companies, trying to keep up with the industry trends, can go bankrupt because it is impossible to compete with companies that already use industrial robots. Every business owner understands that returns can be substantial and the future of the company is definitely worth the risk, but they must have money to invest in.

Hiring professional staff

Nowadays it is hard to find professionals that know how to control industrial robots. The introduction of automation has lots of benefits, but it adds another problem – such robots require proper programming skills and knowledge. That’s why these companies must develop their courses that will train the staff. All this requires additional expenses.


Industrial robots can handle certain tasks, but no one knows how they behave in unexpected situations.

Influence the ROI of your company

There’s an opinion that the ROI of your company may suffer if the majority of your operations rely only on robots. It goes without saying that they have higher expenses than human resources. That’s why you won’t always achieve good results at the end of the day.

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