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Where Are Linear Actuators Used in the Health Sector?
The health care sector is a fast-paced industry, which is fuelled by urgent patient needs along with the need for ergonomic applications in general. The basic answer for such needs is found in the form of linear actuators, which...
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Electric actuators in material handling systems
In today’s world, the emphasis on automation in the workplace has placed itself at the forefront. Improving productive output while optimizing cost efficiency allows companies to compete in aggressive and fluctuating markets. For the purposes of this article, we...
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How Do Linear Actuators Promote Innovation in the Renewable Energy Industry?
Green Energy Innovations Renewable energy technologies are advancing rapidly with discoveries in material science and engineering. Despite these advances, the use of linear actuators may provide the renewable energy industry with an added boost in innovation, allowing for higher...
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How Linear Actuators Help in Dental Ergonomics
Coined in the 1950s, the word “ergonomics” became widespread at the end of the previous century, when the discipline gathered significant momentum. People increasingly started to realize that the interaction of humans with their environment can be scientifically optimized...
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Upgrade Your Business With Linear Motion
The trends developing in the modern IT-driven society, as well as the active development of science and technology and the rapid adaptation of innovations for various areas of production, have given a powerful impetus to the application of new...
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