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Switching from a Hydraulic to an Electric Actuator? Why it’s the Best Decision You’ll Make
The motion control industry has gone through numerous changes over the decades. From its humble beginning to the present Industry 4.0 trend, novel technologies have taken over outdated ones and led to higher productivity and optimization. One of the...
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Why Our PA-13 is the Best High-Speed Hydraulic Replacement
Since they were launched, hydraulic actuators have dominated the field of automation in agricultural and construction equipment. However, hydraulic actuators have been dominating these industries with the previously unavoidable costs of slow speed and messy operations. The industry has...
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Reorganizing Your Office After Working Remotely
Working remotely has often been perceived as the ideal work situation due to a wide range of assumed benefits. These may include less time spent commuting, less distractions, more family time, and flexible hours. Many employers and employees have...
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Automating Baby Cribs – An Emerging & Diversifying Market
Motion control products are the backbone in many automated products, a big chunk of which are domestic applications such as shelf lifts or lawn care equipment. This market segment presents promising opportunities for business owners and DIY enthusiasts, as...
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Limit Switches vs Overcurrent Protection – Which is Best for My Application?
Linear actuators are undeniably the star of the modern-day motion control industry. These elegant devices have widespread applications in a range of industries such as aerospace and health. They are equally important for the domestic consumer, finding applications in...
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