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Reducing Downtime In Packaging Automation
The profitability of a business depends on many factors. One of the ways to increase the company’s profits is to reduce production costs. Automation is just the thing to efficiently help you with that. In this article, we look...
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Smart Home Robots
The 20th century went crazy about robots because people believed they will evolve and eventually enslave humanity as seen in movies like The Matrix or Ex Machina. The 21st century, however, proved these beliefs wrong. Robots today are indispensable...
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Robots master the art of grasping and gripping, taking robotics to the next level
Robots might have nailed the art of automation; nevertheless, they continue to remain ill-equipped when it comes to mastering the art of gripping and grasping. Over the past 50 years, robots have mastered the art of working in tightly...
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Agricultural Robots that are invading the Industry
2050 is the witching year; don’t worry no witches are going to come flying on their broomsticks, trying to make you their dinner. On the contrary, the world’s population is forecasted to touch a bombastic figure of 9 billion....
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Actuator Solutions for the Solar Industry
After decades of thoughtless exploitation of the Earth’s resources and extensive reliance on fossil-fuel mankind is starting to come to its senses about the environment and depart from a purely consuming attitude to nature. Green energy technologies are gathering...
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