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Limit Switches vs Overcurrent Protection – Which is Best for My Application?
Linear actuators are undeniably the star of the modern-day motion control industry. These elegant devices have widespread applications in a range of industries such as aerospace and health. They are equally important for the domestic consumer, finding applications in...
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Marine Electric Linear Actuators – Mitigating Power Loss in Critical Systems
Introduction Here at Progressive Actuators we design and manufacture electric linear actuators for a variety of industrial applications, including marine vessels. Most commonly, electric marine linear actuators are fitted on boats where hatches, doors, panels, and covers require an...
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The Full-Solution Kit You Will Need for Solar Panel Automation
In recent decades, the concept of environmental degradation has manifested itself as an imminent threat, prompting world leadership to forego environmentally harmful habits. A major part of this change is the shift towards renewable energy sources, solar energy in...
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Electrohydraulic or Electromechanical: A Study on Choosing the Right Actuator for Lawn Care Equipment
Over the last few months many individuals may have found themselves doing more yardwork than normal. With this shift into lawn care, people have rekindled an interest in maintaining and improving their property, and having tools that are durable,...
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Linear Actuator Mounting Strategies
Linear actuators are inarguably one of the leading products of the motion industry. Their extensive utility makes them a prime choice in a variety of motion control applications, be it hi-fi robotics or the rustic agriculture industry. These benefits,...
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