Table Lift Sets

The FLT-08-White Table Lift Set is a complete four leg lifting system. Each pair of legs is controlled individually, meaning you can raise one half while keeping the other half low. This is perfect for shared workstations with multiple people in the home & office industry. The remotes also feature a programmable preset function that lets you save up to four separate height positions.

Installation is simple with the help of our instructional PDF manual which you can find in our downloads section.

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Input Voltage 110 VAC
Output Power 24 VDC
Stroke 25.5 inch
Force 220 lbs (Per Set)
Speed 1.50"/sec
Install Size Retracted 23.6"
Install Size Extended 49.1"
Duty Cycle 10%
Anti-Collision Function Yes
Remote Functions Program Up to 4 Preset Positions, 5V USB Charging Port
Protection Class IP-51
Unit Weight 145.75 lbs
Warranty 96 Months
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