Linear Actuators

The micro precision servo actuator with RS-485 communication (model PA-12-R) has a servo style, coreless motor that provides the most precise control options for the actuator.

These servo actuators are the only actuators we produce that are programmable and can be found in a variety of industries. They are used for robotics, home & office automation, automotive automation, manufacturing and more.

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Input Voltage: 12 VDC
Stroke: 1.06" - 2.20"
Force: 1.57 lbs - 22.48 lbs
Speed (No Load): 0.25"/sec - 2.72"/sec
Current (Full Load): 0.33A Max
Communication: RS-485
Protection Class: IP54
Operational Temperature: -10ºC~+60ºC
Noise: db<50(A)
Duty Cycle: 50%
Limit Switch: Internal, Programmable
Mounting Holes: 0.14"
Motor Type: Coreless DC Motor
Screw Type: Metric Coarse Thread Screw
Housing Type: Polyformaldehyde
Fully Retracted: 2.99" (1.06" Stroke), 5.08" (2.20" Stroke)
Fully Extended: 4.05" (1.06" Stroke), 7.28" (2.2" Stroke)
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