Linear Actuators

The track actuator (model PA-18) features a design that ensures no additional space is required other than the total length of the unit. This is because of the track design of the actuator, where instead of extending or retracting, the movement comes from the sliding block moving along the track.

This unique design and force output capabilities make it ideal for the home & office industry because of the many different ways it can be applied to automate daily tasks.

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Input Voltage: 12 VDC - 24 VDC
Stroke: 1" - 60"
Force: 150 lbs - 900 lbs
Speed (No Load): 0.25"/sec - 1.50"/sec
Current (Full Load): 8A Max
Protection Class: IP20
Operational Temperature: -25ºC~+65ºC
Noise: db<48(A)
Duty Cycle: 20%
Limit Switch: Built-In, Non-Adjustable
Mounting Holes: 0.25"
Motor Type: Brushed DC Motor
Screw Type: ACME Screw
Housing Type: Polyformaldehyde
Wire Length: 60"
Fully Retracted: 7.68" + Stroke
Fully Extended: 7.68" + Stroke
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